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"Designing Lovell's cover for Distance Learning Secrets was such a fun and enjoyable process because she knows everything it takes to study online inside-out.  I couldn't fail because she knew exactly the sort of thing we needed to achieve visually too.  When I spoke to her and I read some chapters, it all just made perfect sense!  If you read just a little of the book then you'll quickly see just how personable she is.  She's funny, and her enthusiasm is infectious!  This was a great project for me!"

Sean Strong | Graphic Designer

 I was thrilled when Danica chose me as her editor, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her on Distance Learning Secrets.  She’s smart, efficient and articulate—and her warm personality and motivational skills make her the ideal coach or teammate. Danica is happy to share her insights gained through personal experience, and what she has to say will spare you loads of time and stress. I’m happy to know her, and I look forward to continuing to work with her!

Mike Waitz | Editor


" ...Lovell’s smooth narrative and clear prose do inspire a feeling of success like that of a strict personal trainer..."

K.C. Finn

"Don’t waste your money attempting a serious course before you understand what you are attempting. Honestly, just reading the table of contents will be helpful. "

Ray Simmons

" Lovell is an excellent communicator who actually coaches the reader through the distance learning process. Her writing style is fluid and conversational, and she gets to each point precisely and without wasting your time."

Jack Magnus

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