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I'm Danica Lovell and in spite of conventional advice, writing about myself in the third person makes me feel awkward. I was born on a tiny rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean known worldwide for its mythological powers.

I'm passionate about time management, and can easily go on for hours on the amazing opportunities that distance learning has opened up for people across the globe. I'm disciplined but flexible, tough but compassionate, and am only ever funny when I'm trying not to be. I have an MBA and a PMP (Project Management Professional) and to put it simply -- my days are dedicated to helping people get things done. I love digging deep to find out what motivates people and how to help channel frustration into action.

I love to question status quo and am not afraid to have an unpopular opinion. Like pumpkin pie. I hate it and no one will ever convince me otherwise. :)

I love dogs, miniature inanimate objects, talking to interesting strangers and wearing the color black year-round.

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